Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter (acertaindoebear) wrote,
Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter

Riding the sacred Chao-portmanteau river

Here are some more portmanteau words that have come my way via the collective unconscious. I put them out there for the collective to use as they are wont to.

-- when a man gets caught with their pants down and they go into a long, drawn-out explanation

-- what happens when on-line disucssion develops into a boxing match

-- Automatically believing what one categorizes as sacred (women, children, money, freedom, etc) is and should be followed and believed by anyone else

-- When a tribe gets active with their fasciosacridness (cf. Greenpeace, sombunall US administrations, Netanyahu, jihadists, Lex Luthor).  Also, the pleasure one gets when doing so

Idiodea -- describing a common 'causeless cause', when an idea, thought, feeling just pops into existence; may result in attributopocalypses.
Tags: devil's dictionary
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