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The Cure for Anxiety

Dr. Feynman was supposed to have said that the true theory of everything (TOE) should be so concise and so easy to understand that it could fit on a T shirt.

Now, I don't think we'll ever get a theory of everything in that sense. I do agree with Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance that the laws underlying the physics of everyday life are completely understood.

However, there are other, very important areas of human interaction that play a vital role as well, and for which, I think, there is a TOE. From which different 'psychotherapies' in a sense can be built around to help one.

This is the best explanation of what I think of is the central concept discovered by Buddha, oh so long ago. This is something that, I think, if learned by the general public, will result in less bullying, less fundamentalism, less nihilism, less unconscious partisanship, more compassion, more enjoyment of life. The true Global Human Spring.

But it won't cure the heartbreak of psoriasis. See your allopathologist for that -:)

This idea was found out by being a true scientist -- being relentlessly fair and open-minded and honest and, when something doesn't fit even if it feels very good, toss it for the truth.

I recommend for those that are intrigued by the video to start seeking out meditation or yoga. This will better teach you how to pay attention to the things you need to pay attention to be able to get better at what was mentioned in the video. There are many sources for meditation or yoga -- I am not going to tell you which one to go to, that is part of the learning, I think -:)

Oh, and I am part of a religious group of sorts -- the UCoC (United Church of Canada) spent millions of dollars to come out with a website called Wondercafe. Since I have joined, it has been a marvelous community, full of people who are more than willing to explain and explore. So, when someone now askes me what Church do I go to, I can answer that I go to a modern place of worship that is entirely online where the congregants are from all over the world.

I call it my Temple Mosque Stage Nest Wat Kingdom Hall Kirk Pathi Derasar Synagogue Hof Jinja Gurdwara Circle Conviviality...

Since I have no sense of humour, my username is Inannawhimsey. Feel free to drop on by.

And on Monday some of us locals will be meeting for the 2nd time. It will be AWE-SOME.

Carry on, citizens, and continue being a candle or a mirror. Agape for all!
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