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Genties & ladlemen,

from one statistical fluctuation to another, each of us examples of universe experimenting, curious & curiouser!

At the Heels of a Muse
A Priest was having a tough time with her faith -- she had just had a debate with Sam Hitchens Voltaire, the world's ultimate atheist, and was down. So she went to her favourite fishmonger. But when she got there, her fishmonger said "Sorry, there is no cod."

Perhaps this Was the Whey She Went?
A band (and a song in particular) I'd like to experience before I die

Is there an artist/band you'd like to experience before you die?

Sponsored Word From A

Take a moment and worship Glas. Try it, you might like it. Remember, his spheres of influence are wit, dramaturgical mythology and melancholy surfing.

Pardon me Bois, But is this the Lair of Great Cthulhu?

A game I came across by accident (the internet is vast and contains lost civilizations!)

I see it is available on Steam. Hmm -:)

What Did the Hiver Say to the Human?
I fondly remember Glas' SF game with the Hiver (this one was trying to understand humour).
Now, I point him toward two nifty RPGS
Eclipse Phase, the RPG of Post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror. Its just chok-full of fun & wacky stuff. And written under a Creative Commons license -:)

Another one is Esoterrorists, by Pelgrane Press. This is fine wine role playing (and deals with one of the big problems of mystery rpgs), done by some of my favourite RPG authors.

Not that I do any real role playing anymore -- I still enjoy and appreciate reading good material -:)

The Journey is the Destination

The following I found on an excellent website that I have been tooling on for a few now called The Daily Grail, a website full of fun "Fortean" links & run by a witty & generous Aussie who has creativity coming out of his fingertips. Feel free to go there and feel free to drop him some cash for his work -- he does good things -:)

So take care of yourselves, fellow fluctuations -:)
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