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There is no Freedom, but the search for Freedom. And the search is what makes us free.

~ Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012)

In the Land of the Smug

Canadian violations of Global Human Ethics, sanctions anyone?

Food insecurity.

No right to water

Continued UN chastisement for continued Racism and mistreatment of indigenous Canadians

Canadian company set to mine a sacred mountain of the Wixarika nation

Canadians standing up for themselves
The Maple Spring protests, where they want:

The right to education for everyone

The right to a healthy environment

The rights of the indigenous peoples to their aboriginal lands,

The right to enjoy a responsible and democratic government,

The right to pacifism and international solidarity,

The right to a local, sustainable, mutually supportive social economy

If we are to have a true Global Human Ethics that means that everyone has to follow them*. Which includes things like treatment of indigenous and gay marriage.

All of which supersedes any religion or faith or belief as a fundamental Global way of living

Pray to the current Emperor of Canada

The world is changing. KEEP UP!

And so it goes -:)

* perhaps the UN-equivalent (a body will have to be created that actually has enforcing powers outside of sanctions and observing) will work out something where to be a "franchised" member of the World, one has to agree and if they don't, then the country can still exist as a sovereign state but will not be franchised
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