Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter (acertaindoebear) wrote,
Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter

Lo! Look to the skies! Nature fires another warning shot across our bow!

(coincidence being what it is i was just viewing that above image courtesy of Agent Martinhesselius too)

the reports and videos are coming in. very, very impressive footage from very different angles.

thank g_odness it didn't detonate closer to the ground or actually hit a populated area (as has happened in the past..check out the Brazillian Tunguska for a more recent one...)

it was a gorgeous fireball; here you can see it enter our atmosphere

and even though it was kms up, in this video you get to see the effects of the sonic boom (check your volume; the sonic boom is quite loud)

i never thought i'd be around to see something like this

it is an exciting time to be alive
Tags: co(s)micry, flirtatious nature
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