Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter (acertaindoebear) wrote,
Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter

a letter to cancer

Dear Cancer,


If I could, I would collect all of you and no, not destroy you, but lock you up in a special place where you would never do harm again. I would write into every nanoangstrom of your substance all of the suffering, all of the pain, all of the grief, all of the sadness, all of the sheer pointless agony that you have wrought so that you, forever, because hey, you're immortal cancer, will feel this. And I will make sure that, when the heat death of universe happens, when the last bit of matter ebbs away into feeble and cold energy, that you still exist, so that you will never forget.


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Cancer arises when the primordial rises to fight against the strong and painful. It already knows the pain, and swallows it whole so that the pain cannot be felt.

Cancer has no means to care.

Best of all to make light that undoes the cancer, rather than power that makes it grow.

NEVER take yourself or your word too literally -:) if you do, you might as well be dead...