Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter (acertaindoebear) wrote,
Erecting walls of floppy-headed laughter

from An-Open-Letter-to-Greyface-Dept or the 21st-Century-Actually-Begins-Dept.

Dear Greyface,

You might have heard aboot the kerfuffle in Paris; a few lovely human beings were murdered because some other humans beings couldn't stand being mocked...

Well, greyface, you've lost. Look at what is happening: marches by the millions of humans of all sorts, all races, creeds, religions, senses of humour, genders, philosophies, ages, all in support of MOCKING

Some Leaders of Human Beings have also joined in these parades supporting MOCKING, like
Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו, Ibraham Boubakar Keita of Mali, Mahmoud Abbas of Palestinian Authority, Donald Trusk EU council President, Francois Holland, David Cameron, Mariano Rajoy, Ahmet Davutoglu, King Abdulla II, Queen Raina

So sorry, Greyface, you shriveled murderous twerp.

This is how we fight for the right to mock -- with love and compassion and trust and courage and spirit.

We will not give in to fear.

The paroxysm of fear & mistrust & cynicism engendered by some on September 11th is giving way...

Greyface, you will not win. Humanity will win the global right to MOCK, to burgeon, for people to be able to exist without being murdered for showing that LIFE IS A RIDE and AWESOME and PRETTY KEEN.

Much laughter, much love,

(feel free to share this)
thanks to dad for putting me on to this story

here is the entire human solidarity support of mocking
Tags: humanity is great
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