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"...the notion that inspired play (even when audacious, offensive, or obscene) enhances rather than diminishes intellectual vigor and spiritual fulfillment, the notion that in the eyes of the gods the tight-lipped hero and the wet-cheeked victim are frequently inferior to the red-nosed clown, such notions are destined to be a hard sell to those who have E.M. Forster on their bedside table and a clump of dried narcissus up their ass. Not to worry. As long as words and ideas exist, there will be a few misfits who will cavort with them in a spirit of approfondement--if I may borrow that marvelous French word that translates roughly as "playing easily in the deep"--and in so doing they will occasionally bring to realization Kafka's belief that "a novel should be an ax for the frozen seas around us."

-"In Defiance of Gravity" by Tom Robbins, Harper's Magazine Sept 2004

The tales of a wandering doebear who looks very much the same as always. If you weren't there, then you'll just have to wait for the PanaDVD and, as always, pay no attention to the naked beach ape within the suit

Ewige blumenkraft!

Warning: contents may shift and settle out of court

Warning: any similarity to persons fictional or creative are protected by angels as part of heavenly decree

The caveat has eaten its emptor a long time ago and has indigestion

Helping to collapse the wave function since the 20th C

"There ain't no answer. There ain't going to be any answer. There never has been an answer. That's the answer."

--Gerty Stein

Everything is story and everything ensues from that (including the promise of the greatest gifts: things end and things don't have to make sense immediately)

Voted the 45th most boring critter in the world but told that, with effort, they could be in the Top 10

Just like Vonnegut said, we're here to fart around

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that hearalds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka! I have found it,' but rather 'That's Funny...'"

--Iggy Asimov

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